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At Manhattan Associates, we have spent the last thirty years listening, learning and working with our clients to become the most experienced supply chain execution company in the world. Every day, we help the world’s most innovative manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers push their industries and their technologies to solve the unsolvable problems of the past.

It is our vision to be the nucleus of innovation transforming consumer experiences.


Real innovation is the creation of something new that transforms experiences, possibilities and outcomes. It acts as a catalyst, with influence radiating outward in all directions, and impacts far surpassing the initial intent.

At Manhattan Associates, we endeavor to develop supply chain innovations that help reinvent the core aspects of business. Technologies that harmonize customers, people, operations and inventories, to create a springboard for significant change.

We believe that by investing in new thinking around efficiency, throughput and engagement, we can help create radical improvements in the supply chain that unlock our customers’ resources and expand their influence.

Over the past five years we have invested more than $325 million in solutions that help our customers Push Possible®.


Today, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is comprised of a number of disciplines, including natural language processing, speech, vision, expert systems, robotics and machine learning. And while robotics is becoming increasingly useful in supply chain execution, it is machine learning that holds the most potential for supply chain transformation.

Machine learning (ML) is defined as “an application of artificial intelligence, that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience, without being explicitly programmed.” And like AI, ML has multiple disciplines and methods as well, including neural networks and deep learning.

With the rapidly changing demands for speed and complexity in distribution and transportation – along with other market forces like exploding ecommerce volumes, rising customer expectations and fracturing competition paradigms in omnichannel market – supply chains are feeling more pressure than ever before.

The amount and complexity of data is often just too much for humans to manage by themselves. We are no longer fast or smart enough to keep up, even with traditional logistics planning and execution software. Those types of problems are exactly what autonomous learning systems thrive on: optimizing task-oriented problems, making predictions, and uncovering unseen insights and opportunities from vast amounts of data.

Learn more about Manhattan’s applied machine learning technologies like Order Streaming that help you improve decision-making and maximize profitability.


Not long ago, cloud computing was itself a disruption. Today it serves as the foundation for other emerging trends including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation.

The Manhattan Active® platform features a 100% microservices architecture, enabling continuous innovation, at an accelerated pace, with zero downtime. The architecture was engineered with extensibility in mind to fit our clients’ unique operational needs. At the data, services and even user interface level, with Manhattan ProActive® customers are given a rich toolset for creating and managing extensions. Just as importantly, client extensions are protected and unaffected during updates to ensure they are never broken.

Manhattan Active solutions are versionless so they never need upgrading. Our customers always have the latest innovations available to explore and deploy. Comprehensive monitoring tools built into the platform provide insight into the solutions and enable easy navigation in the distributed microservices world. In addition, deployment tools simplify the process of moving configuration changes between lifecycle environments to keep them in sync.

Learn more about Manhattan Active Omni and Manhattan Active Warehouse Management and how they can elevate your operations.


There are opportunities in emerging technologies. Automation and sensor technologies are not impacted by a labor shortages and robots do not get fatigued or sick. Capabilities like RFID are becoming less expensive and distribution center robotics keep getting better and better, more efficient, more sophisticated and faster than ever before. Advanced automation and the Internet of Things have become critical to the success of the modern warehouse.

The challenge with these innovations is that different types of automation do not naturally communicate. They are not even aware of each other, much less the supporting workforce. Getting maximum throughput within the distribution center requires collaboration and orchestration of every single asset so they can work together - automation, robotics and people.

Coordination across discrete and individual pieces of advanced automation and sensor technology in the store or in the warehouse only gets more powerful when those systems are connected to, and aware of, each other.

Learn how solutions like Manhattan Active Omni and Manhattan Active Warehouse Management seamlessly integrate and manage IoT and automation.


The Self Determination Theory postulates that all humans desire the freedom to own our future and determine the path of our success. We want to be good at something and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. And we want to do it together, with others who can share in our victories and defeats.

Manhattan solutions are now prioritizing and optimizing metrics like recognition, feedback, happiness, personal growth, satisfaction, wellness, ambassadorship, relationships with managers, relationship with co-workers and alignment with the company. Cultivating these attributes requires more than simply reviewing raw performance data and finding the low performers. It requires unlearning what we think we know and activating a new approach to an old problem.

Learn more about how Manhattan Active Labor Management is using embedded gamification to create a whole new era of increased employee engagement.

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