Store Solutions for Modern Retail

Modern stores are experiential showrooms, customer service centers and neighborhood fulfillment points that require a new generation of point of service store solutions to sell, fulfill and engage anywhere and everywhere.

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Optimal Retail Store Performance

Optimal Retail Store Performance

  • Higher inventory accuracy yields faster time to pick-up or ship performance.
  • Optimized pick paths and picking strategies means less time searching for items.
  • Omnicart with enterprise promotions means more upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Real-time store health and associate performance dashboards increases manager visibility.
Memorable Customer Experiences

Memorable Customer Experiences

  • In-store endless aisle inventory supports local pickup, pickup at other store and/or direct delivery in the same transaction.
  • Two-way text with associates directly during clienteling, pickup or support situations.
  • Wishlists cultivated online are available to associates in-store to fulfill seamlessly.
  • Additional purchases during order pickup are added directly to the original order with a single receipt.
Intuitive  Associate Experiences

Intuitive Store Associate Experiences

  • Guided mobile workflows for picking, packing, shipping or selling.
  • One intuitive UI experience regardless of device form factor or operating system.
  • Point of sale, payments, promotions, checkout, exchanges, returns, receiving, transfers, pickup and shipping in a single app.
  • Two-way in-app communication direct with customers for appointments, arrivals, and support.
Agile Low-Code  No-Code Future System

Responsive Low-Code Cloud Native Platform

  • Cloud-native, 100% microservices and easily extensible.
  • Continuously updated with new features and capabilities every 90 days.
  • Never needs upgrading and scales automatically to match demand.
  • Delivered seamlessly in partnership with Google Cloud.
Infused with  Intelligence

Infused with Intelligence

  • DC-quality pick-path optimization algorithms to minimize travel.
  • Smart and flexible picking strategies by order, batch, team-based or pick to slot.
  • Optimized picking based on store operations, work processes and physical layouts.
  • Automatic identification of at-risk or priority orders.

PVH’s Agile Ship From Store Pivot Fuels Online Growth

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Omnicart selling, clientelling with 360° insights, wishlists and lookbooks, endless aisles, mobile checkout and so much more in a single unified app experience.

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Point of Sale

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

DC-quality inventory management, receiving, transfers, RFID support, BOPIS, ship from, ship to & contactless curbside in a single unified app is just the beginning.

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